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2011-03-15 11:28:27

The International Workshop “Methods and Instruments in Astronomy: from Galileo Telescopes to Space Projects” (NAO2010) will be held in Research Institute “Nikolaev Astronomical Observatory”, Nikolaev, Ukraine on May 17-20, 2010. It is organized to discuss the international projects in research of Solar system small bodies and the near-Earth artificial bodies. Application of virtual observatory tools in various fields of Astronomy and Astrophysics is also discussed.

Main Topics of the Workshop:

• Kinematics and Dynamics of the Small Solar System Bodies;

• Research of Near-Earth Space;

• Virtual Observatory Tools in Astronomical Research.

Information about Participants:

• General number of represented organizations – 27;

• Number of submitted papers – 62;

• Number of authors of submitted papers – 111.