2010-10-26 12:55:16

There are a lot of material  in the archive fund of the observatory. It covers the whole history of the observatory since its foundation. After the transferring of Naval Observatory to Pulkovo Observatory the archive was completely saved in Nikolaev with the help of Ostashenko-Kudryavzev. It was noted in the Collage Assessor Mihalevich's report to the Main Survey administration.

The systematic part of archive consists of three inventory lists.

Inventory 1. Scientific documentation - 1073 items. It contains the observations logs  and processing using the instruments in the period from 1924 to 1958.

Inventory 2. Scientific and organizational documents - about 650 items. It contains documents of scientific and organizational character in the period from 1820 to 1967.

Inventory 3. Documentaries on staff for 1920-1967. - About 180 items.

The unsystematized part of archive contains documents of scientific and organizational character photo and video materials since 1967. In addition, an electronic archive of the observatory is under creation, there are electronic copies of new materials related to the history of  Nikolaev Observatory. It includes documents which were found in other archives, photos from personal  staff archives, correspondence with the heirs of the first directors of the observatory, etc.

On the bases of study of archival materials, the staff of observatory  published a number of collected works and articles on the history of Nikolaev Observatory and the work of its prominent figures.