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Fast Robotic telescope (FRT) was designed and manufactured by NAO in 2004. Project Manager – A. Shulga, responsible persons: V. Chernozub, N. Rada, E. Kozyrev, N. Kovalchuk, V. Bessarab. Maksutov mirror lens and rotating platform with photographic lenses are installed on the parallactic mount telescope. The fine system guidance of the telescope includes stepper motors (SM5) and absolute angle sensor M600. The drive accuracy through the given coordinates is of ± 0.05°. Field of view of the telescope according the hour angle is of 90° (-30 to + 60° of meridian), the declination is from -25° to +70°. GPS-receiver Trimble ResolutionT is used for time reference. Process control of observations on the telescope is performed by software system.

Telescope pavilion

FRT is installed in the pavilion which was made for Merz-Repsold refractor. Rotating dome was removed and a dome with a horizontal type of discovery was installed instead..

FRT telescope

In 2010 the telescope was upgraded: a new drive based on stepper motors was installed, electronic control unit of navigation-guidance-control system was replaced.

The room for observer

Personal computers, electronic equipment rack (dome control, electronic control unit of navigation-guidance-control system), electronic devices are installed in the room for observer.

Telescope optical channels

Mirror lens

Maksutov lens system (D = 300mm, F = 1500mm) is equipped with a rotating platform (the device, wchich rotates CCD camera around the optical axis of the lens) and a CCD camera Alta U9000. The angular size of the field of view is 83'× 83'. Limiting magnitude - 17m.

CCD camera with a rotating platform

Rotating platform includes: 1. Stepper motor 2. Angle sensor 3. Rotating platform with a worm gear set 4. CCD-camera Apogee Alta U9000 (3056 × 3056, 12micron). CCD, it may be cooled to a temperature of 40°C below ambient.

TV channel

The TV channel is set on rotating platform and includes four Canon camera lens (D = 47mm, F = 85mm) equipped with a CCD-TV cameras Watec LCL902H (768 × 576, 8.3 micron). The field of view of each lens is 4.3 ° × 3.2 °. Limiting magnitude - 12m.

Scientific programs

Observations of debris in geosynchronous orbits Observations of potentially dangerous asteroids. Observations of space debris in low orbits.